Saturday, 28 February 2015


Last night I went to a ice cream parlour in Portsmouth with a few friends. It's called Scoops and was devine! When scoops first arrived in Portsmouth we visited and it was okay, but we later found out it had a good hygeiene of 2 which is pretty appalling, so we hadn't been for a while. 

Since then, scoops have had a bit of a refurbishment and bought their food hygiene up to a 5, which is he highest rating. 

The menu had so much to choose from, I went for a chocolate and strawberry crepe, Ben ordered a galaxy chocolate waffle, and then both Ben and Eleanor had a ferrero rocher milkshake. 

All in all, had a lovely time getting fat with my favourites! 

Iz xo

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Interailing 2015

This summer is going to be amazing. I am currently in the process of planning a month away travelling Europe with a few of my closest friends. 
I am hoping to blog the whole journey, beginning with the preparation and planning, to a day to day account of the travelling. 

So far, we have decided that we are going to travel in August, that way we can work through summer to save some enough money - the weather should also be at its hottest for the important tanning sessions! We have also discussed a few countries we all want to visit which include, Hungary, Montenegro, Italy, and Croatia. 

I must admit, I have a few worries of my own. I live with 4/5 friends I'm going with (including my boyfriend), so I know what they are all like, and there most likely shouldn't be any arguments! However, I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to planning holidays, and love everything my way. Im going to have to learn to get over myself and stop behaving like a spoilt child. I'm worried how I will cope when the heat is sweltering and I'm lugging a heavy bag with me, without the security of a place to stay that night. We've decided youth hostels are the best option for Interailing. I've never stayed in youth hostels before, and that worries me, as I have this image in my head that most of them are dirty. 

I'd love some advice on interailing, what countries were great to visit? How much stuff am I going to need to pack!? I have so many questions, but a little while to wait. And prepare for this adventure to begin! 

Iz xo


Monday, 23 February 2015


So, my first blog!
Now i eventually come to writing my first blog i'm not entirely sure what to say. I'm new to this whole blogging business, so bare with me. I shall start by just telling you a bit about myself. I'm 20, (very soon to be 21!) and living in Portsmouth, whilst studying a BA in early childhood studies - hoping to inspire future generations. I enjoy travelling, chocolate, drawing, rom-coms and cooking.

Hopefully this blog will be insightful for some. I'll be writing about my future travelling journeys (as i have lots planned for next summer), fashion, food, a few aimless thoughts of mine, and maybe some of my drawings, if I pluck up enough courage.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, and i'd really appreciate comments or advice for creating good blogs!!

Iz xo
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