Monday, 18 May 2015

Where to visit in Portsmouth

 Where to visit in Portsmouth 

I figured that as I live in Portsmouth, I should probably write a little about it. I moved to Portsmouth when I started university in September 2013, as I have now been here nearly two years, I have naturally learnt where’s good to visit, and where’s not so good to visit. When I say to people back home that I live in Portsmouth, they instantly think how it’s a bit of a s***hole, whether they are polite enough to say it or not. This blog is basically just saying stuff you, and look how beautiful it can be, if you go to the right places of course!

Spinnaker Tower
This is probably one of the most well known points of interest in Portsmouth. It is quite an amazing looking building (looks quite similar to the ‘Burj Al Arab’ in Dubai). I have some wonderful memories up Spinnaker Tower, firstly, my boyfriend took me here on our first date (he can be romantic), and another time I went up with my friend who was visiting me from home, unfortunately we were rather hungover and it didn’t seem to help. Luckily there is a café on the second floor, which sold water for us, as well as: tea, coffee and cakes for the non-alcoholics. The views are absolutely stunning once you reach the top of the tower, looking across the whole of Portsmouth, Gosport and Isle of Wight.

Southsea is an area in the south of Portsmouth. Within Southsea you can find many cute boutique shops, cafes and a few high street shops such as Debenhams in the small shopping center. Not far from this shopping center is the sea front, with ice cream stalls, fish and chip shops and a big green park, perfect for summer BBQ’s. I love going for walks along the sea front, following the stoney beach all the way to Gunwharf Quays.

Gun wharf Quays
This is my favourite place to visit in Portsmouth. It is an outlet retail destination filled with high-end designer shops at good prices, a cinema, bowling complex, many bars and restaurants, whilst proudly sat on the harbour front. What more could you want? Well maybe on a cold and windy day its not the nicest place to visit, but as summer is coming up, it is a lovely place for a day trip and has a train stop right next to it. Perfect. 

Garage Lounge
This is a cute, hip little café in Southsea, which I especially love. It can be quite pricey, but in return you can receive amazing cake and hot chocolates! I often go here for a little treat after a day of university with my boyfriend. 

Have you got any Favourite place to visit in Portsmouth? Please let me know, I love visiting new places I may not have known existed right on my doorstep!

Izzy x


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A day out in Brighton

A day out in Brighton 

As it is coming to the end of term, my flatmates and I decided a trip to Brighton was in order in between our exams.

To be honest, I always thought Brighton was a bit of a tacky seaside town, but I was very wrong. Yes- it does have its tourist cheesy crap, but behind that are some very cute independent shops and lots of great places to eat.

So, we set off nice and early, and when we arrived headed straight for the beach and pier. Shame the sunny didn't say hello. Ben lives close to Brighton, so knows the place very well; hence why he took the role as our tour guide for the day!

We typically spent all our pennies on the pier and had a go on a few of the rides, reliving our youth. We then headed for a ‘cheeky nandos’, a classic favourite for our group. After lunch, we left time for a good shop! Stocking up on pick and mix, as well as being dragged into cigar (man) shops in exchange for the girls dragging the boys into a few cute shabby chic shops.

After wandering through the lanes, which are mostly all independent shops filled with boutiques, jewellers and sweet shops, we made our way towards the high street shops. Of course, I cant go anywhere without stopping in Topshop, so as always, I went in there and was overwhelemed with all the pretty summery clothes in store. I ended up only buying a button denim skirt, (hoping for some sunny weather to arrive soon!), although, I think this skirt could also be worn in winter with a pair of cozy tights.

In H&M I got these floral headbands which came in a set of both blue and red flowers. I think they are adorable, especially in summer, to make an outfit look just that little bit more cute and summery.

I fell in love in an independent shop called Sass & belle. It was filled with so much adorable bits and bobs; I could have bought every single item in that shop! In the end, I opted for a little decorative feature saying “follow your dream” as well as a little china jewellery dish with a blue bird. So cute.

I'd love to hear if you've ever been to Brighton? Is there anywhere you'd recommend visiting?
Izzy x


Sunday, 10 May 2015

5 Must Haves

 5 Must Haves 

1) Tony&Guy Prep: Heat protection mist
This product i only bought the other day, but have noticed a bit                                                                 difference in the static in my hair. I often blow dry my hair which can leave it lacking in shine and feeling a little static. This mist not only protects your hair from harsh heat, but also smells really nice too - which I think is always important!           

2) Vaseline: Cocoa radiant 
My skin is naturally very dry and i've used a few lotions to help with this but nothing seemed to help until i found this product. This lotion really keeps my skin glowing and feeling soft all year round. It is scented 'pure cocoa butter' which just smells incredible, and reminds me of the summer months.

3) Maybelline: Dream fresh BB cream
Everyone needs BB in their makeup bags, especially in spring/summer! This maybelline dream cream is an 8 in 1, which immediately makes me think the product results in 8 crappy components rather one amazing product. But no, all 8 benefits really do work wonders, I feel it gives me smoother skin, and a natural looking glow, as well as hydrates my skin and feels fresh on the face. I often wear only this cream with the contour kit, which I will chat about in 'must haves' 5.

4) Dolce&Gabbana: Dolce
YUMMY. All I can describe this perfume as is yummy. I bought it on holiday in Majorca, so when i wear it, it just reminds me of that. I am a sucker for perfume! I love to smell nice, its very important, as Chanel once said, "a women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" (not quite sure how true that is..)

5) Seventeen: define & Conquer contour kit
I have been searching for a good (reasonable priced) contour kit for ages, and I finally found it! I bought it in a fair shade, not knowing they also did medium, however, it still shows definition to my face. The bronzer is matte which I like, as I feel sometimes the highlighter and bronzer can all be a bit too much sparkle. It was so cheap, at around £5, so personally I think this is a great buy!

Do you have any favourite beauty products at the moment? I'd love to hear them!

Izzy x

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