Wednesday, 25 November 2015

10 Must See Christmas Movies

10 Must See Christmas Movies

It is officially ONE MONTH until Christmas day!!!!
I don't know whether this post is a bit premature, but who cares, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
Theres nothing better than to snuggle up with my cosy blankets and watch a christmassy movie with a hot chocolate in hand (and maybe a tonne of quality street!).

Here are my all time favourite Christmas films than I make sure I always watch! (yes I am very sad)

1. Love Actually
    A classic, what more to love than a film all about love?

2. The Polar Express
    This is adorable, all about a boys journey to visit Santa!

3. National Lampoons Christmas vacation
    Just Hilarious!

4. Elf
    A film everyone seems to love!
5. The holiday
     So much love in the air, I must have seen this film a zillion times!

6. The Grinch
     When I was young Mum bought me a poster of the grinch...I couldn't sleep for days I was so          scared! But... good film.

7. Miracle on 34th Street
    This film is so christmassy, really lovely film.

8. It's a wonderful life
    I use to hate this film because it's in black and white, but give it a go, its actually the perfect film for christmas!

9. The muppets christmas carol
     A classic story!

10. The snowman
      I have loved this film since I was a wee tod. It seems to get better everytime I watch it, is that even possible?

So there are my favourite Christmas films! Have you got any different favourite Christmas films? Comment below :)

Lots of love,



  1. My favourite films are Jingle All The Way and Arthur Christmas :)

    Lauren x |

    1. Awh I've been meaning to watch Arthur Christmas for ages! Going to have to watch that one this year :)


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