Saturday, 5 December 2015

Southampton Shopping Trip

Hello Hello,
A couple of days ago, my housemate and I went to Southampton for a day of shopping as it was her 21st birthday! It was such a fun day, as I really needed some cheering up after the week I've had. I bought a few christmas presents, so got to make sure I don't accidentally tell all! I also bought a few goodies for myself which I shall share with y'all. 

I decided I want to splash the cash on a nice cleanser, and had read how the BareMinerals is a good brand for this. I wasn't sure whether to buy the facial cleansing cream or oil. The shop assistant in John Lewis told me that the oil is nice and warming and is great for dry skin, which I suffer from in the winter, so I opted for this one. 

I then bought the Revlon rose glow highlighting palate/blusher. I saw Tanya Burr use it in a video and it looked gorgeous - lets hope it looks nice on me too!


I am a nightmare for not washing my makeup brushes regularly, so in Boots I saw this no7. makeup brush cleaner, and thought I definitely should invest in this, for my poor brushes sake. I used it straight away and its amazing - smells like vodka though..
In Boots I also bought a beauty blender, I love itttt, it's so soft and really blends makeup so flawlessly. 

I sadly have a funeral to attend next week. My lovely Grandad passed away last week. So I was in need of a smart black blazer to wear with a dress I already own. I found a nice one in H&M which was a good price. I also bought a lovely sparkly dress in the sale from H&M, its very Christmassy looking, although Ill admit I did have to squeeze into it!

To end this post on a brighter note, Southampton was sooo Christmassy, and it got me very excited. I can't wait to give everyone their presents, the 25th can't come soon enough! Hurry up Santa!!

How has everyone's week been? Hows your christmas shopping coming along?
Lots of love as always, 




  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandad, I hope you're ok! Those flowers are really stunning though, such a kind thought from your boyfriend. I'm sure you looked amazing xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

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  3. Sorry to hear about your grandad, I really bad at cleaning my makeup brushes as well, I purchased the real techniques brush cleaner and its amazing, cleans all the brushes making them feel like new.

    Lovely blog you have xx

    Adriana -

    1. Thanks Adriana! It does feel so nice having clean brushes :)


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