Monday, 11 April 2016

What's going on

Hello Everyone, 
I haven't blogged in a long time, I am not exactly sure why. I guess I have just lacked motivation for some reason. I sometimes feel a bit of pressure to have the perfect blog. I worry my pictures are crap, or my grammar is awful, I guess the fun went for a short while. I feel a break was good, and now I'm ready to go again. I have also been pretty busy writing the dreaded dissertation. 

So, a little catch up on the life of Isobel - I am coming to the end of university now, which is very scary but exciting. I am preparing for some big changes in my life, getting my first 'proper adult' job, and moving to London! hmm.. the problem is I'm born and raised a bit of a country girl, and being on a tube and surrounded by SO many people does sometimes freak me out, i think i will get use to it though. Everything seems very daunting at the moment, but I cant wait to finally work towards getting my dream job as a hospital play specialist and meet lots of new people. 

I am excited for change, change is good. It keeps you on your toes. 

I have recently had a birthday, and got my first SLR camera, which is super exciting. Hopefully all my photos will be better quality now, not being taken on my iPhone. 

I don't think anything else particularly exciting has happened. I got a first today in a report for uni, that was bloody exciting. umm... other than that, no nothing i can think of exciting. 

So until next time, 




  1. Congratulations on your first :)

    Lauren x |

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